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Do you want to understand your dog better? Live a more harmonious life together? Gain expert advice to work through behaviour concerns to live a happier future? You’ve come to the right place! 

As a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist I can help you and your dog with problems such as – 

  • reactivity/aggression around other dogs or people
  • nervous or fearful behaviour around unfamiliar things
  • struggles being left alone
  • obsessive behaviours such as tail chasing or shadow chasing
  • other undesirable behaviour

I have a wealth of experience working with dogs of all breeds and backgrounds and have a passion for understanding the complex needs of troubled dogs, resolving their issues and enhancing the bonds with their owners. 

New cases are via vet referral. This is because health and behaviour are very closely linked and health issues might underlie the behavioural issue.  It also means that behaviour modification plans can be tailored to your animal taking into account any underlying issues. Without vet referral and an awareness of pre-existing medical conditions, behaviour modification plans may prove ineffective or even distressing. 

After understanding the emotions that are driving the behaviour, we will work together using scientific, reward-based methods of training, to tailor a behaviour modification plan that ensures that both you and your companion will find the training rewarding and enjoyable, giving you both the best chance of success.

If your pet is insured you may be able to claim back your consultation costs on your insurance.  Please contact your insurance provider in the first instance to check. 



Independently assessed and fully accredited as a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) First Class BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Clinical) Undertakes continuous professional development to keep abreast of the latest science


Many years experience working with a variety of companion animals. Learning from and working alongside industry leaders and professionals


As a certificated member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians work is carried out following a strict code of practice, giving you the reassurance that advice offered follows the highest standards.


Uses science based, ethical and proven methods of training to enhance the long-term welfare of your animal.

How I Can Help


Behaviour Support

Helping you overcome problems such as: aggression, phobias, overexcitability, compulsive disorders, age-related conditions and inappropriate elimination, destruction or vocalisation. Using kind and ethical methods so you and your dog flourish


Pre-Puppy Advice

There is so much to consider when getting a new dog. Get off to a flying start and prevent conflicting information overload. We offer tailored advice on the best way to nurture, train and enjoy your puppy.


Puppy Classes

Learn life skills and so more! Have great fun with your new friend at our 8 week extensive puppy course . Learn the fundamentals of training, how to prevent behaviour problems before they begin, and learn what good puppy play looks like.


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